Nick finishing the Boston Marathon

Aspiring Olympian Completes Boston Marathon

Nick, our Earl Carter fellow for the 2023-2024 academic year, recently completed the Boston Marathon! The race was one of the deepest fields in Boston Marathon history, including the current world record holder for the marathon. He finished in the top-100 amongst the world’s elite runners in a time of 2:26:55 (5:37/mile)! What's Next for [...]

Father Herald

My Background

I am the Rev. Father Jean Herald, a Roman Catholic Priest and Executive Vice-Rector at Notre Dame University of Haiti (Campus of Hinche). In 2001, I was sent to Rome to Study Theology in a college where I also received training of becoming a trainer. I graduated again from the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum with [...]

Father Tom

How I Got Involved

In the 1990s, during a CDC postdoctoral fellowship, I became aware of the use of fortified salt as a tool to stop lymphatic filariasis (aka elephantiasis). At that time, UNICEF was eager to collaborate in Haiti to help develop a business which would deliver (via salt products) not just the drug to halt transmission of [...]

Dr. Jessica

Why I Love Nutrition

I love what I do. Nutrition is fascinating, and I could study it for hours. But what really drives me, is using nutrition to make an impact, a difference in people’s lives. As many people as possible. And the difference that we can make with iodine is huge! Did you know that correcting iodine deficiency [...]