My Background

I am the Rev. Father Jean Herald, a Roman Catholic Priest and Executive Vice-Rector at Notre Dame University of Haiti (Campus of Hinche).

In 2001, I was sent to Rome to Study Theology in a college where I also received training of becoming a trainer.

I graduated again from the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum with a Doctorate degree in Bioethics during the year 2010.

I returned to my country in November 2010. The very moment I arrived, I started working with the Bishop on the project of building a University campus within our Diocese, which became a branch of the Notre Dame University of Haiti.

The Department of Centre in Haiti (Hinche) is very fertile land and has one of the most beautiful panoramas. Therefore, after high school, the youth that could not afford to go to Port-au-Prince to go to college were obligated to quit school because of lacking college in the area. The opening of this annex of Notre Dame University in Hinche brings exceptional opportunities to the youth as they are able to get a college degree in their own city.

This campus has been operating since October 22, 2012, with a Department of Biology and Bioscience, and a School of Nursing. Since then, I have been appointed as the executive Vice-Rector of this campus while the bishop is still remaining president.

My primary responsibility is to maintain the academic good standing of the University of Notre Dame. I also the Coordinator of Health care activities for the entire Diocese. I have been very fortunate to be inducted to the National Bioethics Committee, and I conduct training seminars in Ethics and Pastoral Health care throughout the country.

The contact with the Kwasans Foundation, and particularly with Gilbert Wirth (Chip) for several years, supports me in an exceptional way. It is not easy to find an international organization that works with universities in Haiti, while everyone knows that without university and vocational school, it is vain to speak of good education, economy and health. In short, without these efforts, there is no prosperous future for any country! In this sense, I am very grateful to be part of this team. Our objectives come together from all points of view, in order to bring a new breath of hope for Haiti.