Why I Love Nutrition

I love what I do. Nutrition is fascinating, and I could study it for hours. But what really drives me, is using nutrition to make an impact, a difference in people’s lives. As many people as possible. And the difference that we can make with iodine is huge! Did you know that correcting iodine deficiency can help prevent stunting and even increase a child’s IQ by up to 10 or even 12 points? Think about this on a large scale – IQs increase, children do better at school, stunting prevalence drops, adult productivity is higher…fast forward, and we will see a positive shift in a country’s economic development.

And the best way to prevent iodine deficiency is through optimal population coverage of adequately iodized salt.

So, of course, when Chip and Kwasans approached me for scientific support on assuring iodine intakes in Haiti with Bon Sel iodized salt, I didn’t hesitate! Haiti is one of the last remaining countries without a formal iodized salt policy in place. And with its many challenges that economic development could help to fix, it has become a passion-project for me. It is not only a pleasure but a privilege to work alongside Kwasans to spearhead this activity, and I am looking forward to helping them use iodine to give children the best start at school possible.

Best wishes all,