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Football is an important cultural institution in Haiti due to its popularity and prevalence. For some, football provides opportunity, whether that’s as a pathway out of poverty through collegiate scholarships or as a career as a professional player or a coach, in. Haiti or abroad. For others, the sport’s value is in providing a way to become more fit, make friends, have fun, and learn life lessons from a dedicated coaching staff that cares about their well-being and their future.

Club History

Kwasans F.C. was founded in 2022 by Wilbur Denis, President of Kwasans F.C. Kwasans F.C. operates as a youth club partnered with Leogane Football Club of Haiti. In the team's first year, they won the league championship. Kwasans F.C. currently supports 28 athletes, all of which practice 6 times per week and play 3 games per month.

Kwasans F.C. has its own soccer facility to support our young athletes and provide a safe space for them to excel.

We are proud of this partnership and appreciative of the support Kwasans FC receives from Leogane FC and the VP of Leogane FC, Jean Mark Bissau.

Future Growth

Currently, the Kwasans Foundation is working to partner with various soccer organizations in Virginia Beach to collect and donate new or minimally used soccer equipment to support Kwasans FC. The additional equipment will enable and expedite future growth, as we look to expand Kwasans FC across Haiti.

In supporting our Foundation's mission of Haitians Helping Haitians, we look to develop Kwasans FC into a social enterprise model. Our goal is to continue creating local soccer clubs across Haiti to eventually serve as a pipeline for former youth to have the career opportunity to serve as a head soccer coach.

Kwasans FC
Kwasans FC